Why Vertigo?


Ali Sayın (Co-Founder)  

About 6 months ago, when I was going through a routine medical examination, a cyst with the size of 51x29x32 millimeters, which is approximately 5 centimeters, was detected in my body. As soon as it was diagnosed, I planned to tell my team in the office that I got cancer because of the deadlines they had projected and the technical bugs that had been risen just like from the grave. I think the doctor thought I was shocked when he saw me laughing when listening to his news yet, I was not shocked or anything like that. I would be lying if I said I was not scared but I was ready to take the brunt. Now, I would like to explain how all of this is related with the working conditions of Vertigo Games by throwing myself with your permission and patience. I believe that what I will say will make it easier to become together with the right people. Since the right people are more important than the right projects for us, at Vertigo Games. 


What is a multiple choice test exam?

I was born in a small village in the northernmost corner of my country, Turkey, 32 years ago where generally is cold in the summer and extremely cold in the winter, a place where you almost don’t feel your body with the freezing breeze. I was barely able to read in the third grade but then, afterwards I became one of the most successful students in the school. The years passed and high school exams had come closer and I faced the sad truth that I did not know how to solve multiple choice exams and I did not know where the nearest private teaching institution woub be – or even what was a private teaching institution in the first place. Even if I had known, my family would not have enough money to cover those institutions’ tuition. While my peers in other cities were solving two hundred multiple choice questions in a day, me and my friends we could not know what to do. 

Military Teaching Institution

Fortunately, the good news came in from the military unit in our neighboring district: teachers who were working as a third-lieutenant had decided to establish a course and to give free education to students who would pass the exam. I did it. I passed the exam and so I started to go to the neighboring district everyday, 30 minutes away, driving in an old van. We were five friends. When the cold winter came in and roads were closed to traffic, we would always try to convince the van driver to take us to the course. The lieutenants were burning the stove with stumps, we were joyfully sitting in our desks in the cold reduced classrooms, listening to the lesson and solving our tests. 

When there was a blizzard in the road the road was lost, traffic signs were invisible. If the roads were beyond visual range in that day, we used to wear our hats and get out of the car one by one in order to show the right way to the driver. Trips used to take 1.5/2 hours in those days with blizzard, not 30 minutes like it was supposed to be. One day, I had to stay out of the van 15 minutes, not 10 minutes (I will tell its reason later).  When the time was up, I could not get back in the van, I couldn’t feel my right arm, my feet wouldn’t move and I couldn’t feel the cold anymore. I continued to feel this for about 30 seconds but honestly it felt like ages. Suddenly, I felt something; a tear of pain coming from my eyes. That day, I did not fail to act in snow and I did not give up. I did not fall down but I know – and I’m sure – that even if I had fallen that day I would have found a way to stand up right away.


To get back to the issue at hand, the cyst found in my body was not cancerous and it was removed with a surgery last week. To be honest, that cyst in the first place, shook me up and helped me to recover myself at the same time. I realized that my company has never gone bankrupt – there was a company that went bankrupt just because I rejected an attendant who offered a bribe – or has not experienced a crisis for the past 6 years. I wondered for a while “am I in a wrong way?” but then our failed software projects came to my mind: lots of trying, testing and lots of new experiences…


What makes us: Never Give Up

Crises do not necessarily come with a hunger or freezing cold. People sometimes can easily forget who they are and where they come from and they can easily be lost in conformist habit chains. In fact, if there is one thing that I know and I’m sure of, is that if I had sat in my home in that cold winter and had never gone to the Barracks Teaching Institution, I would have never confronted with those storms. If I had sat in my home instead of going to the Barracks Classroom, I would have been sound asleep in my warm bed and I would not have been frozen to death in front of a car, out in the sticks at 7 a.m. If I had never tried or fought, everything would have been easier but there would not have been anything that makes me who I am today, who I became. What makes us, Vertigo Games, is that we never stop trying. We never give up.


What makes us: Being Altogether

Maybe one day my partner and my brother Murat can tell you his life, I know that his story was never less challenging than mine. We have come together to this day. We have started this journey as two people but now we are more than two people. What makes us who we are is the same thing which kept me 10 minutes more when I was about to freeze to death. In that day, one of our friends in that van was sick and I know that he was not able to get out of the van and show the right way. I thought that someone had to show the way to the driver instead of him and we, as four friends except him decided to show the way instead of him. What makes us is to be able to support each other and become a great team and make great sacrifices. We used to dream together about sitting to the closest point of the stove. What is the point of achieving an aim by myself? Nothing gives me more pleasure than the pleasure of accomplishing an aim with our team.


Being Ready to Journey

If you are dedicated enough to face up the storm in the same van with your team and if you have the faith or excitement of reaching a goal together, then you are in the right place “Vertigo”. When I do my work right or work with a compatible and faithful team, I always catch the success and gain the money. That’s why I want you to choose us not because of the salary that we offer you or benefits we provide you, but because of the values and beliefs that make us who we are. The rest of the things and expectations somehow will come true as wished. Otherwise, I could tell you that our last launched game has reached 5 million users and the number of users has become 100 thousand a day. Also I did not want to talk about businesses that we did before because I believe it is more appropriate to convey our feelings and beliefs rather than boasting with previous earnings.

For certain, being a Google employee in 2018 is more comfortable than being a Google employee in 1999. In addition to great financial returns, it is more comfortable to be a part of an unrivaled company. In order to be able to choose the Google in 1999, it is really important to have self-confidence and dedication to your job. If you are in the right place and with the right team, choosing to being a Google employee in 1999 is more profitable in terms of both financial and experiential for sure. On top of that, being a part of a cohesive team and building things from scratch is not as risky as it seems from the outside. On the contrary, it is a fun process which supports your improvement. If you say that “Every single day is an opportunity to go beyond yourself and learn new things” then, your choice is right there very clear. If you want to take a seat in the van and become a part of our team, JOIN US NOW!